California: Citizen App Sparks Manhunt For The Wrong Suspect

Algorithmic bias meets our worst nightmare. The On Air feature of the Citizen crime alert app triggered a public manhunt for a man wrongfully accused to have started a wildfire in Los Angeles. A reward was offered for app users to find him. It turned out that the man was innocent.

Biden v. Knight, Twitter Is Not a”Protected Public Forum”

In 2017 the Court of Appeal of the 2nd circuit ruled that the president of the United States Twitter account is a constitutionally protected public forum limiting the President\’s power to block users who criticize him on the platform. In 2021 Twitter proved the Court of Appeal 100% wrong by asserting absolute control over several …

3.2B Email and Password Pairs Leaked

CyberNews reports that a massive repository of individuals’ data has been posted online. Dubbed “Compilation of Many Breaches” (COMB) this may be the biggest-ever compilation of hacked user credentials ever posted online before, but it’s not the result of a new hack or data breach. Leaked user data combines a 2012 data breach at LinkedIn involving 117 million accounts, as well as stolen Netflix login data. This is the time to change passwords and it comes as a reminder for users to stop recycling user names and passwords across different services.

Déverrouillage d’appareils électroniques par les forces de l’ordre; Données conservées chez des tiers états-uniens

De plus en plus de services policiers au Canada, à l’instar de l’Agence des services frontaliers, font l’acquisition de technologies permettant de déverrouiller un téléphone cellulaire ou une tablette protégés par un mot de passe. Pour effectuer ce type de déverrouillage, les agents doivent obtenir une autorisation judiciaire (mandat). Or, ce n’est pas l’autorisation judiciaire …