Disclosure of Conflict of Interest; The blog may move but won’t end

Conflict of interest: I can no longer write on artificial intelligence for this blog because I started working with artificial intelligence myself and I’m already on the other side of the fence. From what I’ve seen so far, AI benefits humanity in a more productive and sustainable way than the outdated IP regimes that require years in litigation to answer very simple questions. So from now on, I support a general and sweeping disruption of all IP frameworks and I will do everything in my purview to speed up the process.

Update June 22: as to the end of the blog, yeah but no, it is not warranted. For a moment, I forgot that I also wrote on age verification and online harms. I will move or remove any posts and arguments against the rapid deployment of AI and machine learning on large datasets, because it is where my conflict of interest lies. Regardless of challenges, the courts are so slow (even in the US) that there is a real window of opportunity right now to reset the whole thing before 2026 and then rebuild IP frameworks on more efficient and sustainable foundations.

As for other pressing issues for humanity, the day when I’m satisfied there is sufficient and ongoing biometric checks on all users worldwide for ALL online activity, and when all criminal content is taken down and all perp users prosecuted to the full extent of the law, I may end the blog as I’ve done with hundreds of previous posts on issues that have been fixed in the meantime. We are a far cry from the way things should be though. The world is becoming more and more violent and unliveable by each second age verification laws are being stalled in the parliaments of this world. I am never going to jump the fence on that one. I’d rather die.