Shopping For a Non-Intelligent Phone Without GPS, Camera, and Wifi

Do flip phones emit less radiation?

Yes, Flip phones and dumb phones are objectively better for those looking to reduce radiation exposure; particularly models without bluetooth & GPS capabilities. Also flip phones without multiple apps running in the background that require constant internet access are speculated to be safer. (Source)

The SAR value, also known as Specific absorption rate of radiation to the human head of the flip phones is 22% lower than that of non-flip phones. This study was conducted by K. H. Chan. (source)

There are numerous models of flip phones that are also smartphones. Smartphones on the market will only function with the use of GPS or Cellular data-driven internet or Wi-Fi access. There are going to be simple cell phones that come with basic call and text features. If you’re looking to minimize the level of radiation you’re exposed to, then grabbing a dumbphone that is also a flipphone may be of interest. 

Prepaid cell phones come in forms that will take tech-savvy folks back to the turn of the millennium when Nokia greenscreen brick phones ruled or when the Matrix films introduced the slide phone.

But they are just that, simple phones that function as basic phones for those folks who only require their device to allow them to call and receive calls.

Is there a Cell Phone without GPS?

A person could take a few routes when looking for a phone that does not have GPS and, in some cases, not even a camera.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there will be older tech models that can be reused with a prepaid card program that allows these older-gen designs to function on a basic network.

Then you are going to find smartphones, such as the Benco V80s, which come without the usual GPS or cameras attached. The innovation of these phones will create a niche for savvy cell phone manufacturers.

Phones that do not have the Global Positioning System are going to take more work to track. Harder, but not impossible, when making calls, the cell phone will connect (triangulate) between the cell phone towers and send data over those radio waves, which can be traced and tracked.

This is why, in films, the typical secretive character will have burner phones in order to keep their locations unknown.

Where can you Buy Phones like This?

There are going to be retail stores that will carry simple phones, service plans, and other needs for a person looking for a more private smartphone option.

In addition, there will be major department stores, such as Walmart, that will have a variety of options for purchase in their tech section of the store.

Then you have the option of shopping online, which can connect you directly to the manufacturer, and there you can find the exact phone to fit your needs.

There will even be smaller market phone service providers, government phone services, and others that have low-cost or even free phones for those who know where to look.

What is the newest Phone without Internet and GPS?

When looking for a cell phone, not an internet data-driven smartphone, but a phone, there are going to be more options than some would think. Provided is a simple list of five of the better options going into the 2023 year:

  • Nokia 3310 – there are models that have internet, but also internet-less options.
  • Sunbeam F1 – simple flip phone with a camera
  • Blu Tank II T193 – has earned a reputation as a solid crisis phone that works on the spot.
  • LG B470 3G – Restricted to the network providers AT&T and T-Mobile, solid flip phone
  • Kyocera DuraXV LTE – This is a pricey little phone ($250 or so), but it is the hardest phone on this list and can be a fantastic option for outdoorsmen.