Desjardins Bank Data Leaks and Identity Theft Coverage

I know since yesterday that I am being impersonated by malicious actors who are currently using my ex email Yes, I\’ve been hit with identity theft. I am also a member of the Desjardins class action that recently settled. We are about to receive an initial payout for privacy breach, but members have until 2025 to submit a claim for identity theft. I am not ruling out that Desjardins\’s leak played a role in this precise identity theft, and it takes time for identity theft to be discovered, so it is important for each member to closely monitor all their online activity, flag suspicious activity, take screenshots, accumulate evidence, and keep track of any losses that directly flow from identity theft, in this case a hacked email. Desjardins can cover up to $50,000 per member under the form of reimbursing expenses for the recovery of identity.

Here is the Desjardins memo for more details and additional invaluable information for anyone who needs assistance with how to proceed