Meta v. Meta: Facebook Sued For Trademark Infringement

Earlier this month, we discussed how the name Meta seems like a rather dubious choice for Facebook\’s rebrand and how by analogy, precedent informs that the addition of the descriptive term \’meta\’ has been deemed insufficient to meaningfully distinguish between disputed domain names. 

Well, it turns out the name Meta was already taken by a VR start-up 12 years prior to FB\’s name-change. Consequently, now the first Meta is suing the new Meta for damaging its brand through confusion. Oh the confusion is total! Who will prevail? I already said what I think about Facebook and the myth of it being any kind of leader in the metaverse, so I won\’t elaborate further at this moment. I will however follow closely this lawsuit.

This is the first Meta\’s show reel from 8 years ago.