Featured Image: Drawing Constellations by Will Pappenheimer, in collaboration with Zachary Brady. Drawing Constellations is an interactive drawing, installation, and app that uploads drawings to a constantly moving and evolving 3-dimensional “constellation” situated within and outside of the gallery. Upon creating a drawing on a tablet, the user’s drawing is then transferred into 3D augmented reality space, superimposed and sited at the gallery by GPS location.

(developing feature) The pandemic has transformed our ways to consume and engage with art. New art exhibition models emerge as new forms of public art evolve outside of the usual museums and arts institutions.

In recent years, works including a virtual reality component have regularly been displayed in exhibitions in ways that obey traditional institutional structures. Another compelling example is Marina Abramovic\’ virtual reality performance on climate change.

Immersive technologies like augmented reality (the juxtaposition of virtual and physical worlds) change the ways art is presented and make possible new forms of exchange for audiences who are no longer willing to travel.

Art curators speculate that these new modes of presentation may solve the sustainability problems posed by shipping art in massive crates in a time of global climate crisis.

Echoing Acute Art and more precisely their current exhibition Looking Glass and the Curate From Home App.