Spyware Tracks Journalists And Activists Via Microsoft

This just in. At least 100 activists, journalists and government dissidents across 10 countries were targeted with spyware produced by Candiru, according to cybersecurity researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, which tracks illegal hacking and surveillance.


Using a pair of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Corp.’s Windows, cyber operatives operating in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia and elsewhere purchased and installed Candiru\’s remote spying software. According to Cristin Goodwin, general manager of Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit, the tool was used in “precision attacks” against targets’ computers, phones, network infrastructure and internet-connected devices,”


Being a frequent target of cyber-attacks (like any person in the world who needs to get anything done these days), I recommend you install your own spyware in your devices to \”counter-hack\”. There is no other way to track and catch malignant algorithms in your operating systems.

Your own spyware can come in handy to produce valuable data regarding your own activity. I use basic surveillance methods to help me with my time-sheets for example. If I forgot what I did or how I got there some time ago, or if my time-sheet is disputed, I can produce minute by minute proof of my activity in detailed databases, including sound and screen activity. I keep a sticker in front of my cam at all times but if I take it off for online meetings, I can also extract video of me and the environment I\’m in. This is essentially the data that an external spyware would be able to access if I had one in my system.

Considering the Swiss-cheese type vulnerabilities of Microsoft products, it is very questionable why Quebec keeps using Microsoft Teams for court hearings. Worst platform EVER! How do expect to have access to justice if your platform is known as hacker-central, not to mention the sound issues….