WhatsApp Controversy

In response to Apple’s new data disclosure requirements, WhatsApp informed users last week that certain data points, such as the user’s profile status, login activity, contact list, purchases, and financial information, may be shared with businesses and the third parties they use.

Unless you consent to totally unacceptable 3rd party data sharing of your personal and financial information, your account will be deleted anyway.

Therefore delete it before it deletes you.

https://www.fastcompany.com/90593066/whatsapp-facebook-privacy-ultimatum This article discusses one of the most unhinged antitrust defendants in the history of litigation.

The alternative to Whasapp is Telegram or Signal. The simple reason that big tech anti-trust defendants are backing Signal at the moment however should come as ared flag. Until all anti-trust lawsuits against Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Google, and FB are resolved, it is impossible to trust any company so heavily endorsed by social media tyrants.

Even Turkey\’s Erdogan has dropped Whatsapp urging journalists to use a Turkish app equivalent.

I maintain my position that government actors have absolutely no business to be on private social media networks. If you are a politician on Twitter, you are giving off an image of selling out your country to Big Tech.

It would be reckless to encourage your citizens to hand over their personal information to big tech giants for the privilege to follow you on private social media networks.

From a political standpoint, private companies have 100% the right and the power to pick and choose sides and ban whoever they want. Users are being tolerated as guests on these platforms and must behave by their code. If your opinion falls out of line, they can legally remove you.

Governments need to set up their own communication platforms. Otherwise, they call into question their legitimacy and raison d\’être. Governments that keep relying on private corporations to communicate hand government power to non elected private actors. It is like building your house on someone else\’s land. The landowner can kick you out at any time. As a government actor, you need a more stable alternative.